Friday, October 15, 2010

A Visit From St. Nicholas

A Visit From Saint Nicholas
Images courtesy: The Project Gutenberg eBook

This edition of this beloved Children's classic was published in New York by James G. Gregory in 1862. Clement Clark Moore first published the poem in 1823.

Children Hanging their Stockings (with care!)

F.O.C Darley - Felix Octavius Carr Darley- was the American painter and illustrator behind these gorgeous images that we still enjoy today.
F.O.C. Darley (1821-1888)
Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Other than Clement C. Moore, Mr. Darley illustrated the works of many other 19th c. authors including Charles Dickens and Washington Irving.
He died in Claymont, Delaware and his Victorian home - known as the Darley House - is now registered with the National Register of Historic Places.
Darley House

Isn't this house fantastic! I'm sure this beautiful location, in the gorgeous state of Delaware, had something to do with Mr. Darley's illustrations always turning out so perfect. I am always just so amazed at how study into St. Nicholas's life takes me to places I just would not expect!

Santa's Sleigh and...could it be...Darley House?!

Please go to the link provided above, The Project Gutenberg, to see the remainder of the beautiful illustrations by this very talented man of the 19th century. Thanks again to Lyn for telling me about it. Please let me know if you have something that should be included in this "Friday's Interlude" section! 
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Laurie! said...

I work not far from where Clement Clarke Moore used to live in Chelsea. There is a little park in the area named after him and on the fence surrounding the park is posted "A Visit from St. Nicholas."

Chambray Blue said...

So glad to be a follower of your blog! I still believe in Santa at 55 :) and this is so interesting. I intend to go over your posts soon... also, thank you for the kind comments on my blog and for becoming my 40th follower. blessings to you, bobbi & gracie

JackDaddy said...

Wonderful. I love talented people and the picture of the house just brought it home!

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Ann you out did yourself today!!!
Beautiful post.

Mom said thanks for reminding her about State Fair....she had forgotten that one.
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Lyn said...

Glad you found it so interesting, there are lots to see on that site so I might come acroos some other gems for you!

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how very cool! so fun to learn about it =)

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So informative and interesting...
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I just want you to publish so I can buy your book.

I love what you do.

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I love the house and the possibility that it was drawn in that picture:)

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Such wonderful and beautiful artwork Ann. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Did you make it to my song post at the other link? I have two comment posts there and I don't know who they are because they left them as anonymous. Happy Weekend!

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Nice connection between the two pictures!

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Hi, I love those pictures, really all of the ones on your blog here. Wonderful to learn about each one too.

Georgianna said...

Loved this "interlude", Ann. And yes, your study has taken you – and now us! – into some wonderful place. This is really fascinating – thank you so much for sharing. – g

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