Monday, March 7, 2011

St. Nicholas Churches Around the World - Beckley, West Virginia U.S.A.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
 Beckley, West Virginia U.S.A.
Image Courtesy: Zetify
This lovely church was built with much love by the devout drawn to the area by the coal mining industry of Beckley, West Virginia. As the writers of the website for the St. Nicholas Antiochean Orthodox Church website write: "Organized in 1943, with the late Metropolitan Antony Bashir of blessed memory presiding at the first meeting, the church grew quickly.  A year later a lot for the church was purchased at the present site on South Heber Street.  Despite the shortages generated by World War II, then still raging, the community began to build a church, first with the lower portion, which now serves as the Church Hall.  After the War ended, the post-war boom led to economic improvement and by 1957 the second story, the church proper, was completed.  The church was dedicated by Metropolitan Anthony on June 23 of the same year.  In 1965 the current rectory was purchased..." Please visit the churches lovely website to learn more about this stalwart community. 
Father Samuel Haddad
The current Pastor of St. Nicholas Church
Image Courtesy: The Register-Herald
Father Haddad is holding an icon of Nicholas of Myra

Below, Father Haddad is serving Holy Communion.
A very appropriate photography for today as it is the start of the Lenten Period for 2011!
It is so very telling of the devotion people have for the wonderful Christian bishop, Nicholas of Myra, that he should be so honored by immigrants to the mountains of West Virginia more than a thousand and a half years after his repose by their naming their church in his honor. And what a special church it is too. It is obvious that each brick was laid with love.

Many many thanks to Dorothy at Waggin' Tales and Furry Trails and Joys of Christmas for telling me about this wonderful Church in her home state of West Virginia! Dorothy even featured my little cat, Edward, (who is at this moment sleeping on my lap!) in Waggin' Tales and Furry Trails - March 4th! Thanks Dorothy!

Note: Most all of the St. Nicholas churches that I highlight come from blogging friends and yes, even my "real" friends who I have known for years. If anyone knows of a St. Nicholas church that I should feature please let me know. Thanks!


Sara Bentley said...

That really is an absolutely lovely church building! I'm sure you're right and that St. Nicholas would be very honored :)

Lois Evensen said...

I am so enjoying your tour of St. Nicolas churches. Beautiful images and introduction to a lovely church.


Out on the prairie said...

A unique cupola, I like that it is a small church also.

Madi and Mom said...

Oh what a beautiful church in W.Va and interesting church facts.
I love the double stairs it makes it very welcoming.
Madi and Mom

Dorothy said...

Ann, you are so welcome and thanks for posting about the St. Nicholas Churh here in West Virginia! I was thrilled to read about it! Glad I could help in some small way. Also, I enjoyed posting about Edward! I love hearing about how animals came to be with their owners. Hope you have a great week!

Thanks again,

fernvalley01 said...

Lovely church, and a lovely comunity it seems . I am enjoying the tours

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a fascinating culture this is; Ruben would LOVE YOUR BLOG ANN! And that Edward, I tell you, he is making me a CONVERT to catdom!! I LOVE ALL CREATURES, or at least all mammals and birds. thank you!! I like the Edward type tabbies!!!

THANK YOU DEAREST for visiting us! WE HAD A BLAST!!! Anita

Carol said...

Such a lovely church. Really enjoying your tour, Thanks so much for doing it.

Louise said...

That is a very beautiful church. I'm looking forward to the other churches on your tour.

Pat said...

Beautiful church.. I am enjoying this tour immensely xx

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I am amazed how many different styles of building all these churches are. Diane

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh goodness yet another beautiful church!

Debbie said...

Such great pics, and wonderful information!
Thank you for your encouraging words, and all the prayers on my behalf.
I appreciate you!!!!

Mandie said...

Dorothy is such a sweetie! I love to read her posts on animals and to visit her Christmas blog :). I have also really enjoyed reading and seeing pictures of the beautiful churches you post about. Thank you for doing so!

Zuzana said...

What beautiful church, love that tower, it must be all shiny and reflecting the sunlight.;)
Love these posts of yours as they bring peace to my mind.
Have a lovely day dear Ann,

troutbirder said...

Gothic is my thing but these beautiful churches are really wonderful. And she is into "the Roman era." I hope that includes Colleen McCullough who outdid her Thorn Birds in a wonderful series starting with the "Grass Crown." :)

George said...

I don't think my comment went through, so I'll try again. I enjoyed browsing through your posts on churches named after Saint Nicholas.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Ann, Beautiful as usual. That priest sort of looks like the actor Al Pacino. Great teaching.
Bless you xxxx

K9 + Grace said...

Beautiful church! Sorry we haven't been around lately!

imac said...

Real beauty, and eye catching shots.

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Lynn said...

What a great looking and dignified church. Thanks for sharing it. Edward is so adorable...I loved that last post with the picture of him in the bag!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Father Samuel looks really happy to be standing next to that gorgeous icon. The golden dome on the church is lovely and the stained glass windows look beautiful.

Have a good weekend Ann!
Hugs Jane

Daily Grace said...

What a lovely church!