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St. Nicholas Churches Around the World - Cairo, Egypt

Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Nicholas
Cairo, Egypt 
Photo Courtesy: Panoramio
Photo by: Nubari 
(Many many thanks to Nubari for posting this fabulous and interesting photo on Google Earth!)
This has been the most difficult photo to find to date in my journey around the world with St. Nicholas Churches! I must admit to not being absolutely sure if this is the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Nicholas or the Church of St. Nicholas, which is also located in Cairo, and is now an old people's home. But looking at the magnificent building that can be seen through the gate to the left, I believe it must be the Cathedral (If anyone knows differently please let me know). The very one that was built in1623... I can just imagine this building sitting grandly and welcoming among willows, date palms and mulberry trees so many centuries before the modern city of Cairo grew up around it... 
I also believe this must be the cathedral because it looks as if beautiful artwork - written to God's glory and for the edification of believers - is to be found within. 
That such as seen in the background here:
Image courtesy: Amen
And here:
Image Courtesy: Amen
Of course, the greatest artwork is that of all those lovely children gathered around the Bishop. Whether the exterior shot is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas or the Church of St. Nicholas really doesn't matter. For the Church is the Assembly of Believers and their were many, young and old, gathered last December 6 in honor of the Feast of St. Nicholas within the Cathedral where the Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa officiated.
Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Theodore II
Image courtesy: Romfea
This man walks in the footsteps of the Apostle and Evangelist, Mark, who is considered this ancient see's founder. When a friend visited Egypt two years ago his tour group was so pleasantly surprised to be greeted by this man on Easter day; a very busy day for him as one might imagine!
Easter Day 2009
That smile! One I know his apostolic predecessor, St. Nicholas - who visited Egypt and performed many wonders there - often wore when he greeted people too!

A Very Happy Easter - Pascha - To All! 

Many thanks to John Sanidopoulos at Mystagogy for his help in finding the interior shots of this beautiful Greek Orthodox St. Nicholas Cathedral and for answering so promptly my questions.


Sara Bentley said...

How lovely! This is an amazing church...
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What a beautiful peace of history that old building is! Happy easter!

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What wonderful images! I am so enjoying your posts! This one was truly outstanding.


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i am picking up a few friends tomorrow after spending 10 days there on a diving trip. I am anxious to hear their stories.

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happy easter!! i ws looking for churches in switzerland but i don't think there is any near me, but i'm sure i can travel easily to one if it's around where i'm going!

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So I'm in the middle of Margaret Georges wonderful new piece of historical fiction.... Elizabeth I. She (the Queen) is in the midst of another great crises and moving slowly thru Westminster she reflects on the family chapels there, comes to St. Nicholas chapel and..... my thoughts are immediately transfered here, wonderig if you've posted of it. :)

Karina Kleijn said...

Hello Ann,
I just found this blog-post and found myself wondering back in time.
The photo of the church reminded me very much of the year i spend in Israel.
Fantastic photo's and real nice story.
Thanks for posting this article.
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Fascinating and amazing photos.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Ann, It's neat that so many others are also photographing pictures of "St. Nicholas" Churches around the world.... SOMEONE (You-maybe) should publish a little book telling about and showing pictures of all of these beautiful churches... LOVE it... Thanks for sharing --and thanks to others for sharing.

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i think i'm a bit late commentng on this one but wow, what a lovely church! i just recently met a lovely man from Cairo. i'd so love to visit Egypt. xo