Wednesday, April 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Churches Around the World - La Rioja, Argentina

Catedral Basilica de San Nicolas de Bari 
La Rioja, Argentina
Photo Courtesy: Jose Porras (2007)
(Please See Elemaki)
La Rioja is located in Argentina's northwest region. It is a wine producing and olive growing area of Argentina. This Neo-Byzantine style Cathedral of St. Nicholas was built in 1899. It is both impressive in size and in beauty and was made a Minor Basilica by Pope Pius XII in 1955.
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For the full images below please go to this travel site where the author has shared his photos of his trip.

This is an especially lovely St. Nicholas Church. It is located in a beautiful area of the world far far away from St. Nicholas's earthly home. But interestingly enough, the climate would have been very similar to the city where St. Nicholas was Archbishop - Myra across the world along the Mediterranean Sea in Asia Minor.


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Stunning and that interior is breath taking. Diane

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My goodness....St. Nicholas made a HUGE IMPACT on the world, did he not? There are so many sites dedicated to HIM! Fascinating, ANN! And how are you today dearest? Give Sir Edward a squeeze, Anita

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Another gorgeous church in your collection. Beautiful!

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Your right about the similarity. Believe it or not I once had an exchange student from that area of Argentina.

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Such a gorgeous church!

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more gorgeous places of worship! i really enjoy seeing these wonderful places, thank you. xo

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Absolutely lovely pictures of the church.

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That church looks beautiful and very "friendly" and inviting - not sure if that makes sense... Love from sunny London xo

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I love the old cathedrals! We saw many while in Europe...they were amazing!!
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Hmmm, I will have to research about St. Nicholas churches here...that would be cool to find one!!!

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Beautiful! I do love these pictures of all of the different St. Nicholas's churches.