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St. Nicholas Churches Around the World - Monaco-Ville, Principality of Monaco

Saint Nicholas Cathedral
Image courtesy: flickr
This cathedral - which really, could it be situated anywhere other than beautiful Monaco? - has three names. Since it was built on the sight of the much earlier parish church which was consecrated to Nicholas of Myra in 1252 it is still called, St. Nicholas Cathedral. After more than 600 years, St. Nicholas's church was torn down  in 1874, and this beautiful cathedral was built. The structure was consecrated as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in 1875. The cathedral is also known simply as, Monaco Cathedral.
Being located on the Mediterranean Sea it is obvious why it was called in honor of St. Nicholas. He is of course, the patron saint of sailors!
Monaco's Location
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Image courtesy: Wikipedia
Beautiful Monaco!
The House of Grimaldi is the longest ruling monarchy in Europe and has ruled since just 45 years after the original church of St. Nicholas was built. 
Elena Grimaldi
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia
Artist: Anthony Van Dyck (c.1623)
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Monaco is, next to The Vatican City, the smallest country in the world surrounded on three sides by France and the Sea to the south. It might be small but it has the highest life expectancy rate in the world! And... it knows how to celebrate marriages!
Many of the Grimaldi family have been married in St. Nicholas Cathedral (due to lack of room for guests unfortunately not the most recent marriage by the ruling prince, Albert II). The most famous recent marriage to have taken place in St. Nicholas Cathedral is still that of the American film star, Grace Kelly, to Prince Rainier III.
Image courtesy: Daylife
April 19, 1956
And their son's wedding...
Image Courtesy: Naijan (Reuters)
July 3, 2011
Outside the Royal Palace...just last weekend!
Interior View of St. Nicholas Cathedral
Image Courtesy: Radaris
The St. Nicholas Altarpiece in the Cathedral
(St. Nicholas is seated in the middle)
And one last view of this lovely church still called in Saint Nicholas's honor...
Image courtesy: Wikipedia
Anyone for a trip to Monaco?!


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Yes, we have been to Monaco. We were anchored off Villefranche and took the local bus to Monaco for the day. There is also train service. Other times we were in Villefranche we took the bus the other way to Nice or just stayed in Villefranche Sur Mer.

I will have to go look at my images from those trips if I can find them to see if this church is in them. I get a feeling the church is near the famous casino, to the right and across a square near the hotel as looking at the front door of the casino. There are gorgeous gardens behind the casino (between the casino and the sea) that we visited and photographed. It has been about ten years since we have been there so I may be very wrong about that location. I guess I have go to back, right?

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