Sunday, February 5, 2012

St. Nicholas of Myra Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church - New York City, USA

St. Nicholas of Myra Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church
East Village, New York City
Image Courtesy: LuciaM (Panoramio)
I was recently talking to my friend, Kim, who lives in NYC. I was telling her about the many years I have spent studying St. Nicholas' life, writing about him, and this site where I post photos of St. Nicholas Churches from around the world. Suddenly, she became very excited.
It turns out that she can see this beautiful St. Nicholas Church from her home!
Sunset over the Tower 
Image Courtesy: My friend, Kim!
This building has quite a history.
It was built in 1882/83 by Rutherfurd Stuyvesant as the Memorial Chapel of St. Mark’s Parish. St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery is of Episcopalian denomination and is located close by. Stuyvesant commissioned it for his wife Mary Pierrepont Stuyvesant who died in 1879. (Anyone who is familiar with the history of NYC will recognize these famous names). It was bought in 1937 by the present Orthodox congregation and rededicated to Nicholas of Myra at that time. 
If you think the building is especially beautiful, there is a reason for that. It was designed by none less than James Renwick Jr and Company – the same who built St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This company is very well known for its Gothic Revival churches.
St. Patrick's Cathedral 
New York City
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia
Welcoming Entrance of St. Nicholas Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church
Image Courtesy: LuciaM (Panoramio)
The church's Gothic design is just beautiful.
When it was built, it would have been one of the tallest buildings around. There was a time when the skyline of NYC was made up of church steeples...
Kim tells me that this church fills her with peace... 
St. Nicholas church's, well, the general consensus is... they have a way of doing that!

Many thanks to my dear friend, Kim! You're the best!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

This church is just gorgeous, I can imagine how calm and beautiful it must be inside. Diane

Lois Evensen said...

How very beautiful! It is so good to be near a church and be able to hear the bells. We are close enough to Bellermaine Chapel on the campus of Xavier University to hear the bells. It is just lovely.

Ann said...

what a pretty church and that shot from wikipedia is awesome

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Ann,

I'm back. I just found this on another blog:

Nice! I think you will enjoy it, too.


imac said...

Wonderful trips with your Churches my friend.

GrandmaK said...

What a lovely church and it does have an impressive history! Wshing you well!!! Cathy

Michele said...

what a funny coincidence about your friend living in sight of this gorgeous church! have a blessed week. xo from michele

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Ann
How are you? I hope all is well with you... What a magnificent chruch! You know my son and his wife are in New York on vacation.. I must send him the link.. I think he would enjoy seeing this.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Ola said...

Hard to belive this is NY, it could as well be let's say Paris:)

Anonymous said...

It certainly is stunning! How wonderful to be so close to a church like this and hear church bells, I mis that.
Hope you are keeping well.

Out on the prairie said...

Often around here you see the steeple and know a town is nearby.It has drawn me in many times and enjoyable to find a treasure as you have with this lovely church.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is super, Ann... Having a friend who lives near a St. Nicholas Church is truly awesome.... That is neat that Kim sent you a picture.

Great history of that church and I love that it was designed by James Renwick and Company... That is terrific.

I would think that having church steeples around would fill one with peace. Kim is a lucky lady!!!!


Zabrinah said...

Churches in New York City are absolutely gorgeous, and this one is included! I love it.

I really hope you finish your manuscript and get it published. I can tell that you've put a lot of hard work into it.


Best wishes from one blogger to another,

[your everyday girl,
writing about guys]

troutbirder said...

I love steeples. Particularly in the Gothic mode. Nice post, Ann. :)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Ann
I hope this note finds you well.
Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts.
blessings, Penny

Susan Phelan said...

My parents are deceased. I think they were married there around Sept. 1952 or 1953. My mom died when I was 10 and my dad when I was 31. I am 57 now and long lost memories are trying to come back to me.