Sunday, August 26, 2012

St. Nicolas Church, Tavant, France

St. Nicolas Church
Tavant, France
Image Courtesy: Antoinette Duthie
Look at this fabulous Romanesque St. Nicholas Church that Niall and Antoinette posted about on their fabulous blog, Chez Charnizay, on June 16th of this year! It was in honor of the official reopening of the church after years of restoration work on its 12th c frescos.
Angel and Lion of St. Mark
 Image Courtesy: Antoinette Duthie
Ox of St. Luke
Image Courtesy: Antoinette Duthie
Tavant is located in the beautiful Loire Valley region of France. It's about 40 kilometers from Tours and 250 kilometers from Paris. It's a very small village with a population of only 252 souls. But it is filled with much beauty and history. And for our part... this gorgeous church dedicated to St. Nicholas.
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia
Photo by: Myrabella
Please visit Antoinette and Niall at their wonderful, Chez Charnizay blog last June 16th  to read about the history of this church and see more pictures! Many thanks to them and to Diane at who sent me to "visit" with Antoinette and Niall and this wonderful St. Nicholas church!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Anne I am so happy that you got in touch with Antoinette. Lovely post and a beautiful church. Take care Diane

Sara Lee said...

How beautiful! And getting a peak inside it's history makes it all the more amazing :)

Junibears said...

A lovely post my dear and such a beautiful church. I do hope you are well. Sending best wishes and hugs xx

Celestial Charms said...

So very beautiful. I heart the lovely garden outside of the church, too. So neat and pretty.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you so much for keeping this lovely Blog going.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely architecture and an exquisite garden. Have a lovely day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a gorgeous post my dear ANN!!!!! Any place in France is a wonder for me to behold, but the churches and cathedrals are monuments to history, art and glorious!

It is SO nice to see you! You were on a blog break, indeed! I have had to take two of them this summer due to having out of town guests and we had such fun.

School is back in session tomorrow for my husband and next week for the district I will be working for, as a substitute this year!

Happy Sunday my dear! Anita

Madi and Mom said...

Happy Sunday Ms. Ann and my BFFF Edward
Hugs Madi and Mom

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Ann,
What a beautiful Church.. I love the brick and it is in such a beautiful garden.. The Frescos are exquisite.. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Pat said...

What a beautiful church! xx

Ola said...

amazing frescos!

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troutbirder said...

Their is something so special about the Loire Valley. The famous cheateaus, churches and especially the small villages that time forgot. I was once told you could buy a decrepit chateau for only a few dollars but then had to spend millions to fix it up! I'm glad church repair is a loving community project...:)

George said...

I really like this church -- it's beautiful. I especially like that night image.

Deanna said...

Congrats on your new devotional coming out soon! That has got to be a very exciting event!!!
God bless you and thank you for visiting me.
All the best,

Duni said...

Dear Ann,

gorgeous, detailed frescos! I can just imagine the hard work and dedication that went into restoring them. The Loire Valley is a beautiful area.
I haven't stopped by in a while so I went back through your older sorry to read about your son's kitty going to the rainbow bridge way to early :(
I hope all is well your end.

BeadedTail said...

What a beautiful church inside and out! The grounds set a lovely setting for such a beautiful place!

Betsy Adams said...

Interesting church --and I will check out the history on Chez's blog... I love reading about other churches---and always enjoy the St. Nicholas Churches throughout the world.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Ann, Such beautiful photos...and the church's are also. I feel like your heart beat is right in tune with the Creator, as you spread His love all around. xxx

Hilary said...

What a gorgeous church. Such lovely detailing inside.